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Posted by on Oct 2, 2013 in Blog | 0 comments

Toothbrush or Tongue Scraper?

Brushing your teeth and tongue, along with using mouthwash and floss, are the most common methods used to fight bad breath. Recently, a new weapon to use in the bad breath battle has hit the market. It is a small plastic device called a tongue scraper. It features a curved edge so that when you drag it across the top of your tongue, it will scrape off the germs and bacteria that cause bad breath.

The question is, do they work? Essentially, you can accomplish this using your toothbrush; so are tongue scrapers just another product you don’t really need?

Bacteria have plenty of places to hide in the surface of your tongue. Therefore, a toothbrush’s pliant bristles aren’t always capable of catching all of the stinky cells.

According to Mayo Clinic, little research has been done on the effectiveness of tongue scrapers. So far, results have shown tongue scraping as temporarily effective for bad breath, but not necessarily with ongoing halitosis. Conversely, researchers at Brazil’s University of Sao Paulo found a 75 percent reduction in VSCs through tongue scraper use, compared to only a 45 percent reduction in VSCs when a toothbrush was used to clean the tongue.

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