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Posted by on Oct 16, 2013 in Blog | 0 comments

Take the Tooth Fairy Poll

Delta Dental has been conducting an annual Tooth Fairy Poll since 1998 to keep track of the Tooth Fairy’s gifts to children nationwide and across the globe. The Tooth Fairy Poll found the overall average reward amount to be $2.42 per tooth in 2012. For first time “tooth-losers” the average was a little higher at $3.49. However, a dollar was reportedly the most common amount to receive.


According to Delta Dental, the poll “collects Tooth Fairy average giving and compares it to stock market activity to show how the value of a lost tooth relates to the U.S. economy (Tooth Fairy Index SM)”. Generally, the results of the poll have been a good gauge of the economy’s overall direction. When looking at the results over long periods of time, The Tooth Fairy Index shows that the value of a lost tooth directly correlates with the U.S. economy.


Toothless children and their parents can take the Tooth Fairy polls and share what the Tooth Fairy left at their house here:

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