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Posted by on Nov 20, 2013 in Blog | 0 comments

What is an Abscessed Tooth?

If you have experienced trauma to your tooth, such as chipping or breaking, or if you have gum disease, you may have a painful infection known as an abscessed tooth. These problems can cause openings within the enamel of the teeth, and then bacteria can infect the center pulp area. This infection can then spread to your tooth’s root and the bones that help to support the tooth. Abscessed Tooth Symptoms If you are experiencing a severe or chronic toothache that results in throbbing or shooting pains, you may have an abscessed tooth. Some of the other major symptoms include the following: Swollen glands in the neck Foul smell of the breath Pain when chewing Fever Teeth that are sensitive to cold or heat Swelling or redness of the gums General uneasiness or discomfort Swollen jaw area A draining sore found within the gums Preventing an Abscessed Tooth There are some things that you can do in order to reduce your risk of developing an abscessed tooth. The most...

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The Effects of Smoking on Your Oral Health

  Most people know that smoking can be detrimental to your health and that it is a leading cause of lung cancer and other respiratory diseases. However, fewer people are as concerned about how smoking can affect their oral health, and it can be a major cause of issues regarding the jawbone, gums, and teeth. Some of the major ways that smoking can damage your overall health are identified below. If you have some of these problems, come see Dr. Matthews.   Oral cancer If the possibility of contracting lung cancer isn’t enough to scare you out of smoking, it is important to note that tobacco use also increases your likelihood of contracting an oral cancer. It is estimated that 90% of patients who are treated for oral cancer are smokers. You should also be aware that all tobacco products can result in these devastating effects on your oral cavity, including chewing tobacco, cigars, and pipes.   Chronic Bad Breath Smoking is a major cause of halitosis, or bad...

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The Importance of Fluoride in Dental Health

Fluoride is an element that is found naturally in foods, water, soil, and many minerals, and it can be extremely beneficial for the health of your teeth. By better understanding the importance of fluoride in your dental health, you can make an informed decision about incorporating it in your oral care routine. How Can Fluoride Help My Teeth? Fluoride is thought to protect the teeth in two major ways. The first is remineralization, as fluoride can accumulate in areas of the teeth that are losing minerals in order to strengthen the enamel. It can also protect the teeth from losing minerals, which can occur when the bacteria in the mouth produce acid by combining with sugars. This ultimately erodes the tooth enamel and can damage the teeth. Fluoride can also help with disrupting the tooth decay process in several ways. It reduces the ability of the bacteria to produce acid, and this is a major tooth decay cause. It also provides an environment in which enamel can be formed,...

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Braces and Proper Oral Hygiene

If your teen is experiencing overcrowded or crooked teeth, he may need braces. Braces can lead to straight teeth, improved dental function, and an attractive smile. However, it is important to care for your teeth even when you have braces on, and some tips for staying healthy and comfortable while you are wearing braces are outlined below. Cleaning Your Braces and Teeth To keep your braces clean, it is recommended that you brush your teeth after each meal, and you should also use a special floss threader each day to ensure that the space between and under your braces are clean. Use a mirror to ensure that any extra food particles have been removed. It is also important to floss your teeth properly, and although this is tricky, you can do it by following a few simple steps: Use waxed floss, as un-waxed floss will be more likely to get stuck in your braces. Dental tape may also be used to clean around the braces if floss isn’t an...

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Flu Season is Upon Us

Take time to protect yourself and your dental health this flu season.   Dentists and staff protect themselves and their patients from the spread of germs and disease by cleaning and sterilizing equipment. We also wear gloves, masks, and protective eyewear and clothing. Many tools used in dentist offices are only used once and thrown away. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the American Dental Association (ADA) have established rules to control the spread of infections in dental offices.   According to the CDC, a flu vaccination is “the single best way to protect against the flu.” Outside of a flu shot, there are many things you can do to prevent illness. Here are a few tips to keep you healthy and flu-free!   Boost your immune system. If this network of cells and organs cannot work hard       enough to fight off diseases, we are more likely to get sick. You can give your      immune system a hand by eating healthy foods and getting...

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